About Us

Our Mission

The Surprise Valley Joint Unified School District, in partnership with families and communities is committed to:

  • Embracing diversity and value of our small community;

  • Nurturing a safe, healthy school environment;

  • Cultivating self-directed, respectful, confident, productive students;

  • Fostering creative expression, critical thinking, meaningful collaboration, effective communication, and technological literacy;

  • Implementing rigorous standards of teaching and learning;

  • Providing opportunities for well-rounded learning in the classroom and community;

  • Promoting a “college-going” culture with families and students; and

  • Preparing students who will make successful transition to the next level of achievement in a global society.

About Surprise Valley

Surprise Valley Joint Unified School District is located in the small town of Cedarville in beautiful Surprise Valley of Modoc County, California. Nestled in the Northeastern Corner of California, the valley extends roughly eighty miles South starting ten miles from the Oregon border, and is approximately ten miles wide extending from the base of the Warner Mountains into Nevada. The rich soil, natural high desert scenery, diverse wildlife, and clean mountain air draw in those seeking the simpler life. Surprise Valley is home to four historic towns which include Fort Bidwell, Lake City, Cedarville, and Eagleville. The valley is also home to the Fort Bidwell Indian Reservation and Cedarville Rancheria.

Surprise Valley Elementary School and Surprise Valley High School serve the students, family, and community of Surprise Valley. Students and families from across the valley rely on the schools to provide a quality education in a safe and accommodating environment. Surprise Valley High School is an accredited school with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.