Curriculum and Philosophy

In the 21st century, post-secondary education is essential to prepare young people to be successful in a fast-changing and competitive global community. The SVHS course of study prepares our students to be competitive applicants to universities and autonomous learners with the self-directed study skills necessary for their future education.

What are “A-G Courses”?

In California, most students who satisfy the UC admissions Subject Requirement do so by completing 15 high school courses. Seven of the courses must be taken or validated in the last two years of high school. The “a-g” subject areas include:

  1. History/Social Sciences – 2 years;
  2. English – 4 years;
  3. Mathematics – 3 years;
  4. Laboratory Science – 2 years;
  5. Language other than English – 2 years;
  6. Visual and Performing arts- 1 year
  7. College Preparatory Elective