About Surprise Valley

Surprise Valley Elementary and High School are nestled in the small town of Cedarville which is located in the northeastern corner of California. It is located at the foot of the Warner Mountain range which borders Surprise Valley on the west. The Warner Mountain range is the dividing line between the Pacific drainage and the Great Basin. The valley, which is roughly eighty miles long and ten miles wide, is bordered on the east by a lower range that runs along the Nevada border. The northern end of the Valley is only 10 miles from the Oregon border and the southern end extends 3 miles into Lassen County. The valley has a population of about 1800 and the main industry is cattle ranching. In addition, there is a large Paiute Indian Reservation at Fort Bidwell at the north end of the valley known for its powwows. The lifestyle here is clearly “western” and this is one of the few places left where you can find working cowboys, some of whom are our students.

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